Top tips for Hi-Po talent

17 Mar
Top tips for Hi-Po talent
Business woman is wearing black suit isolated on white

Business woman is wearing black suit isolated on white. Contains EPS10 and high-resolution JPEG

  • Step up to the plate
  • Show your team and manager what you’ve got: do the hard work and deliver results with your projects, showing your value to the team
  • Find ways to enhance your self-understanding and clarify what you want to achieve
  • Review your tasks, projects and loose ends weekly and re-organize yourself so you can focus strategically and know where you are going
  • Evaluate: even if no-one else is evaluating and giving you feedback, take the time to evaluate projects yourself
  • Take initiative
  • Let your manager and team know specifically how to guide you in achieving your growth goals
  • Communicate often with managers about your challenges, career goals, feedback and needs
  • Communicate often with managers to get to know their needs and expectations for projects, your role, etc.
  • If you don’t know what to do, take the first step to figure it out
  • Seek out mentors from inside or outside your organization and industry to provide you with valuable insights
  • Create networks of other young talent
  • Continue learning: on the job, from research, read books, look online… keep developing yourself

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