Our solution …Diversity IQ!

17 Mar
Our solution …Diversity IQ!

Diversity IQ (i.e. the ability to work in a multicultural, mixed-gender, intergenerational context) allows you to gain deeper insight into diversity issues and the unconscious biases we all have and that affect our responses to diversity. Our Diversity IQ solution enhances your ability to respond appropriately, and with less effort, to diverse settings and teams and to harness the strengths and creativity that diversity provides.

Do you want to reconcile dilemmas resulting from opposing intergenerational viewpoints that affect productive work relationships in your team or organization?

Misperceptions and unresolved or escalating conflicts between generations are exhausting. Often people ignore the situation for too long in the hope that it will get better of its own accord. However, this often reduces productivity, commitment and creativity.

Research clearly indicates that organizational performance benefits from diversity and that it is worth reconciling polarising differences.

Although intergenerational teams are common, productive work relationships are often deeply challenged by the people in them, ascribing different meanings to the same thing.

Engaging a Synquity coach to improve your diversity IQ will save hours of frustration and help you restore a climate conducive to productivity, co-creation and teamwork.

Improve your diversity IQ through our one-on-one coaching, team workshops and training courses on diversity eloquence and skills. This service is completely tailored to your organization, team and needs. Call me now on +31 6 3088 5046 or e-mail me on

If you want coaching or training in these areas, please e-mail me on view or call me on +31 6308 85046. Synquity is based in Leiden, The Netherlands.

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