Mistakes to avoid in intergenerational conflict 

17 Mar

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  • Poor match between a manager and Hi-Po (high potential talent) team
  • Not alerting mixed-generational team of the possibility of upfront, unconscious biases and expectations
  • Allowing misperceptions to stockpile and reinforcing negative generational stereotypes
  • Exercising poor team practices (not clarifying goals or expectations upfront, absence of a forum for open communication, creating unsafe environment where people can’t learn from mistakes)
  • Incongruent and poor self leadership behaviour by manager (taking things personally and becoming insulting and attacking, publicly dumping negative perceptions about the team, becoming vengeful)
  • Reactive institutional support after problem arises (HR arbitrating communication and role expectations)
  • Absence of proactive mandate for good team practices, failure to train Hi-Po mentors and provide all-round education on good intergenerational dynamics and conflict-resolution mechanisms.

Preparing managers who are appointed to mentor a Hi-Po team, reduces the possibility of destructive intergenerational conflict that can stunt productive teamwork. To gain more benefit from organisational diversity, you can improve your Diversity IQ with our coaching or training in these areas. E-mail me on view or call me on +31 6308 85046.

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