Best intergenerational tips for managers with Hi-Po teams

17 Mar
Best intergenerational tips for managers with Hi-Po teams

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  • Create productive and innovative conditions for development
  • Provide stretching assignments that balance skill and challenge: if an assignment lacks challenge, it will move the employee towards boredom. However, if the assignment is too challenging without the necessary skill, it will create anxiety. If the balance is right, excitement and flow will develop
  • Give permission to make mistakes – most is learnt from failure, and failure can often stimulate deeper creativity
  • Focus on and role model what is important vs. only responding to urgent directives
  • Provide appreciation and feedback – acknowledge a job well done, give people a chance to speak without interruption, continue treating people with respect vs. “inferior”
  • Create mutual understanding of communication e.g.:
    • Regularly meeting to review during project lifetime vs. only at the end
    • Face-to-face feedback vs. written
    • Discuss and consult vs. “tell, announce”
    • Create clear mutual expectations
    • Discuss goals upfront
    • Provide role-description parameters (“You are leading/and responsible”) or you are facilitating and learning, but the Manager is responsible”)
    • Indicate expected standard of performance

Manage the intergenerational dynamics at the workplace, prevent disabling intergenerational conflict, improve intergenerational teamwork and gain more benefit from organisational diversity. If you want coaching or training in these areas, please e-mail me on view or call me on +31 6308 85046.

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