Sync Yourself!

28 Feb



part 3…

Your body is a wonderful looking glass of truth. When you are out of sync with yourself, you often try to ignore it. Eventually, ignore it too long and it shines through as being overweight; having uncut hair or a hanging shirt; a stain on your pants or missing buttons; unfitness or lack of sleep; anxiety attacks, disorganisation, drinking etc. Is your current image or body aliments telling you something about your situation or current choices that you are desperately trying to ignore? Don’t.

Another source to reflect that you are out of sync is your WhatsApp status, or your downloaded ringtone?  It’s can be such a beautiful clue. When Angelo went through a very tough time his ring tone was the song from Papa Roach, Last resort (, which starts “Cut my life into pieces…”. It was exactly how he felt. I noticed his ringtone was changed after things got better. Susan had saved her WhatsApp status as “Always quick and busy”. What is absolutely true is that she really needed to slow down.

Sometimes it’s more concrete. Three years ago my teenage daughter, struggling through cross-cultural transition, decided to paint her room red. It seemed to me that the anger and anxiety she was working through was literally written on the walls. When the walls turned to happy, growing, peaceful green, I was pretty relieved. In fact I volunteered to help her paint! I worked with a colleague one time that bought a little abandoned synagogue in a run down area and turned it into her house. It really wasn’t a very practical choice but it was saying something important. She had come from an abusive childhood and had to work through it. I think she was trying to find hope through that synagogue in the slum.

Essentially, when we are out of sync, it shows more than we might think. The image we project, the state of our health, and the unconscious choices we make everyday can be tell tale.

To Start Syncing…

Get out.  Take time out to be alone and do nothing with your head – because it works. You know this. Clarity comes when busyness has left the building. By resting your mind, the energy you have (left) re-energises your system. You refuel. You meet up with yourself because there is no one and nothing to distract or block you. Otherwise, call on a trusted friend, mentor or coach.

 To sum up

  • Get honest with yourself  – what’s working, what’s not, what’s your contribution to that
  • Listen to your heart to discover who you are and what it is you really want
  • Accept and respect yourself for being an unique human
  • Sync “what you do” with “who you are”
  • Take the responsibility to own and act on you inner judgement
  • Step up courage and make changes

You will get back in sync with yourself when you begin to hear what you need and want, what you should do. And why. Only then can your courage sprout fat, juicy roots and grow again.


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